Place of Cantagallina
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Cortona is one of the 12 cities of the Etruscan Confederation. Its ancient Etruscan walls blend perfectly with the medieval ones. Except for a few renaissance buildings,  the main medieval character of the buildings make Cortona a very suggestive place to visit. Given its height (600 a.s.l.) from every point in Cotrona one enjoys a beautiful view of Valdichiana.

During the Renaissance we find important artists such as l’Angelico, famous for his Annunciation, Francesco Laparelli, famous military architect and Giovan Battista Modalio, Humanist in the court of Leo X.

Saint Margaret, called from Cortona, because she lived and ided there, was born in 1247 in the nearby Laviano, near Castilgione del Lago. In Laviano, besides her home one finds many of the elements tied to her cult: the church of her conversion, built in 1700 next to the  old Wailing Oak, the tree that witnessed her profound mystic wake that brought her to the Sanctification. The churches of the area are full of images of this saint nad one can almost still feel her presence.