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Montepulciano, is built along one tightened limestone crest, to a height of 605 meters of sea level. The country has surrounded from a surrounded building and from fortifications planned from "Antonio da Sangallo" for order of Cosimo I. Montepulciano is mainly known for the grandeur of his Renaissance buildings, for the elegant beauty of its churches and for the "Noble" red whine, one of the Tuscan wines more appreciated to international swatch.
If turns from the roads of Montepulciano you will seem to be in a country of gentlemen, of noble peoples, as its famous wine. This country in fact is full of churches and of ancient building, full of ornaments, with the main public square, "Grande public square" on the top. There are many shops where you may taste the wine and the typical products of the zone. At July-August period, Montepulciano entertains International yard of art, one artistic manifestation created from the German composer Hans Werner Henze. In August others two appointments animate the life of the town, the Bruscello that come represented the 14, the 15 and the 16, when the actors dramatise scenes drawn from the history of the city and the " Bravio" of the barrels that he is carried out the last Sunday of August; in this occasion there is a competition of the city,  pushing big barrels along the slope of the street.
Outside from the houses of Montepulciano, over a beautiful lawn, there is the Madonna of St. Biagio church. is built in travertine of white pearly color. This work of Antonio from Sangallo, gem of the Renaissance, was begun in 1518 and engaged until his death in 1534.